You Don’t have to be a Geek to Pass the Security+ Exam

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Some people think that the Security+ exam is extremely difficult and the only people that can pass the Security+ exam are technical geeks.

That simply isn’t true.You can pass the Security+ exam even if you're a non-geek

I Passed the Security+ Exam!

I hear from readers all the time letting me know they’ve passed this certification using the CompTIA Security+: Get Certified Get Ahead: SY0-401 Study Guide (and/or study materials from this site.) As an example, here’s an email I recently received:

I passed on my first try last week thanks to your study guide and online
materials. I come from a business background so this material was not quite
as familiar to me starting out….

Once again, thank you very much. Your materials were excellent tools for
preparation. I even enjoyed reading them for pleasure! Great instruction.

These emails make my day.

I receive emails all the time from people telling me they passed the first time they took the exam, but it is especially gratifying when I hear from people that passed, even when they haven’t worked in the information technology field for several years.

What is a geek?

While there isn’t a consistent definition of geek, here are a few I’ve run across:

  • A person obsessed with technology such as computers and networks
  • Someone who can name the first 70 numbers in pi (3.141592653589 793238462643 38327950288 419716939937 51058209 749445 92307816)
  • Someone who is unusually intelligent, but has trouble fitting in with other people
  • “A bright young man turned inward, poorly socialized, who felt so little kinship with his own planet that he routinely traveled to the ones invented by his favorite authors, who thought of that secret, dreamy place his computer took him to as cyberspace—somewhere exciting, a place more real than his own life, a land he could conquer, not a drab teenager’s room in his parents’ house.” (Attributed to Julie Smith, New Orleans Beat)

You can pass the Security+ exam even if you're not a geek

Everything is Easy When You Know How (even the Security+ Exam)

While I won’t tell anyone that the CompTIA Security+ exam is easy, I do know that everything is easy once you know how.

Gratefully, the CompTIA Security+: Get Certified Get Ahead: SY0-401 Study Guide (and study materials from the online site) helps people learn what they need. For many of them, this exam is easy.

However, I also know that many people struggle with this exam before they get the study materials they need. I’ve heard from more than a few people that failed the exam before they found the CompTIA Security+: Get Certified Get Ahead: SY0-401 Study Guide, but later passed it.

Our Goal

The primary goal of the Get Certified Get Ahead brand is to help people earn certifications so that they can get ahead in their careers and lives. This includes helping people pass the Security+ exam.

People still need to do the studying, but if you can learn, you can take and pass this exam the first time you take it. Here are few recent blog articles that might help you:

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