Top Qualities of an IT Expert

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What are the top qualities of an IT Expert?

As technology becomes the core processing platform of the world, where consumers and businesses are highly dependent on its products, the need for experts in this field becomes even more important. Different careers related to Information Technology have sprouted up to assist and manage the growing web of digital information. IT technicians alone now have a different set of responsibilities in an organization, according to the Chron such as maintaining computers, installing software systems, testing networks, etc.

However, to excel in IT, there are specific qualities companies and HR managers are looking for. Read on below to find out the top indicators that get IT experts hired.


Experts are labeled as experts for a reason – they have spent years learning their craft and have hands-on experience, acquiring all their knowledge about their respective field. Education is important to be able to succeed in any field and becomes the best defense against mistakes, even the simplest one. IT experts must have the knowledge, experience, and skills that make them successful in the industry. These qualities set them apart from others who only have a degree or minimal experience in the technology industry.


Although knowledge is important, having a passion for technology is just as vital to succeed in the IT industry. When you do something you love, you tend to do it better. Passion uplifts the quality of work, making it easy to commit to a task, and increase the willingness to take on any challenging assignments. IT experts are generally excited about technology and always trying to advance their knowledge. Thus, to be effective, you must live, sleep, and breathe technology. This makes millennials suitable for IT positions. According to FXCM millennials have a high affinity for technology which can help them obtain real-time access to information far more quickly than baby boomers. Millennials passion for technology makes it easier for them to adapt to new technological advancements.

IT Experts are CERTIFIED

It’s not enough that you have the knowledge, especially in a competitive industry like Information Technology. To be hired and promoted, employers will require certifications as a validation of your skills. In fact, research featured by InformationWeek revealed that IT professionals with certifications receive higher salaries than those without them. Certificates from the Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) range from entry to expert level, including IT Fundamentals, A+, Network+, Security+ and more. You can earn a certification through a self-study plan that grants you the flexibility to work to your own schedule. You can pass the exam in 30 days or less with the help of Get Certified Get Ahead where you can access study packages, courses, practice test questions, and listen to audio files.


Among the many skills necessary to be an IT expert, excellent problem-solving skills are very critical. Experts must have the ability to quickly identify a problem and fix it regardless of external environmental factors and concerns. However, they know that rushing into a decision without thinking will only result in further errors. Thus, they need to balance the need for swiftness and accuracy. If you want to be successful in this industry, you must be able to see a problem through until its resolution.

The aforementioned key performance indicators are the best characteristics of successful IT experts. The most important quality is the ability to share technical knowledge with others to enhance your professional reputation and build relations. As an expert, it’s vital to look at things from other people’s perspectives to better enhance one’s understanding of the topic.

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