Technical Recruiters Want Security+

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Do you have your Security+ and a CCNA? Are you looking for a job? You may be surprised at how many opportunities are available.

Technical Recruiters want Security+

I often hear from recruiters looking for people and recently heard from Tim McAndrews at The Endeavor Group. He’s looking for people to fill multiple positions such as network administrators at the following locations:

  • Ft. Drum, NY
  • Edwards AFB CA
  • Hill AFB UT
  • Holloman AFB NM
  • Ft. Irwin, CA
  • Los Angeles, CA


I know Tim McAndrews through LinkedIn. I don’t know if he’s filling jobs immediately, or getting ready to fill jobs if his organization wins a contract. That might be a question to ask him if you’re interested. If you’re interested in any of these jobs, you can contact him here:

  • Tim McAndrews
  • Technical Recruiter The Endeavor Group
  • (Toll Free) 877-387-6481 (D) 774-469-6003

Certification Requirements

There are two firm requirements. You must have a current CCNA and CompTIA Security+ CE certification.

Clearance Requirements

You also need to be able to obtain suitability for a Public Trust clearance. An Active Clearance is great but not necessary.

Those words are important and add significant value to these jobs. In essence, these jobs need you to have a clearance and if you don’t have one, they’ll jump through the hoops to help you get it. As long as you don’t have a criminal record and haven’t left a trail of destruction behind you, you will probably get the clearance.

Why is that important?

If these are contract jobs, the contract will end at some point. However, you’ll have a clearance in addition to the experience you gained on the job.

You might fall into another job that has only these two requirements:

  • An active clearance
  • A pulse

I jest, but you’ll find that the clearance becomes extremely valuable.

Education/Training Requirements

One of the following three (3) options is also required:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a technical discipline such as computer sciences, and three (3) years related experience
  • Successful completion of a certification program at a technical or vocational school, and eight (8) years related experience.
  • Comparable Department of Defense technical training, and eight (8) years of directly related, progressively complex experience

Requirement Waivers

Tim didn’t tell me that any of these requirements can be waived. He probably wouldn’t tell you that either. However, if you don’t directly meet any of the requirements, don’t let that stop you from applying if you’re interested. People that write up the requirements often wish for the moon, but will accept much less.

For example, if you spent six years in the military being trained in IT and then working in IT, you don’t meet the education/training requirements directly. However, you might still be their best candidate.

Similarly, if you have the Security+ certification, but only passed one of the two CCNA exams, you may still be considered even though you don’t have the CCNA certification yet.

Database Administrator

Tim is also looking for someone to fill a Database Administrator position. This position has three requirements:

  • A CompTIA Security+ certification
  • A Top Secret clearance
  • SharePoint experience

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