Near-Future Businesses That Will Require Digital Security Professionals

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There is typically no shortage of need for digital security professionals. Our world is increasingly digital, and it seems that people are becoming more aware of the threats they face in this world by the day, meaning security is always becoming more relevant. With that said though, anyone considering or practicing this sort of profession would do well to maintain perspective on what could be around the corner as well. As it happens, there are a number of near-future industries and sectors that, in all likelihood, are going to present significant need for digital security professionals.

Smart Homes

Smart homes aren’t entirely new, but they are still emerging. What started as a series of interesting home tech developments (like smart thermostats with easy controls and some learning capabilities) is still in the process of evolving into full-fledged home systems. We’re likely a few years away from Ironman-like home setups in which we can simply speak commands and make just about anything happen – from adjusting temperature, to turning on security systems, to running various automated cleaning systems. However, as smart home tech has evolved, we’ve also seen more questions about the safety of it all. Basically, a lot of the same tech that improves energy efficiency and makes our homes feel more modern can also signal prowlers as to when people are home. Additionally, with so many connected products and networks, there is in theory more opportunity for hackers and digital thieves. Because of all of this, we would imagine that this will become a very busy industry for digital security professionals.


It’s hard to really describe fintech as a single industry, but basically it describes the modern blend of financial systems and practices with technology. Anything from a digital banking network to a cryptocurrency wallet can be considered fintech, and in a way it all revolves around digital security. People won’t be comfortable using any of these products or services if they aren’t fully convinced that their finances and personal information are safe. It’s a broad category, but certainly one that will provide a lot of opportunities.


The betting industry is by no stretch of the imagination a new one – but it is becoming newly accessible, in numerous ways. For one thing, regulated online bookies are becoming more trusted and more popular; they’re constantly upgrading their offerings and presenting more appealing services and bonus offerings, and many of them are also producing mobile apps. Meanwhile, the same services are also starting to become available to new audiences – such as the American market (potentially millions of bettors strong), which is only just starting to open itself, legally, to betting. Throw in expected tech-based changes, such as augmented reality betting at live sporting events, and it’s safe to say this is going to be a whole new industry in just a matter of years. And given that the whole thing revolves around the constant exchange of money, digital security professionals will be needed to help it run smoothly.

Bio-Based Identity Systems

This may sound like a very specific category, and in a way it is – but it’s also a massive one. Millions are already using a service called “Clear,” for instance, that uses biometrics to identify individuals at airports and other public venues. The ideal vision of Clear’s functionality is quite exciting: better security, greater efficiency, and a subconscious sense of security. However, it goes without saying that this sort of tech needs to be monitored closely from a security standpoint. Should anything like Clear be corrupted in any way, the potential threats are enormous.

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