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Not sure if you’ve heard about them, but Microsoft released several certifications known as Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA). It includes two primary groups of exams: IT Professional and Developer. The IT Professional exams focus on building networking and security skills needed by people working as IT technicians and administrators. The Developer exams focus on skills needed by people working as programmers, application developers, or database developers.

The IT Professional group includes three exams:

The information learned while studying and passing these exams help individuals create a solid foundation of IT knowledge. The following graph from Microsoft’s site shows the progression someone can take to build a career as an IT professional starting with these exams:

The diagram shows the exams people can use to create a solid foundation of knowledge in IT, and then build from there. If you were going to pursue this track, you may follow this path:

The MTA exams are entry-level exams and don’t have the same complexity as the higher level MCTS or MCITP exams. However, they certainly do help people learn many of the essentials needed to help build a successful IT career.

The only drawback is that these exams are not widely available. MTA exams are only available at academic institutions that have purchased an MTA Campus License or MTA vouchers. Contact your school administrator to find out if your school is an approved MTA testing center. If you’re not going to school right now, you may be able to still take the exams at a local training institution. Call them up and ask if they administer the exams.

Even if the exams are not available at a local academic institution, you can still learn the skills to help you build a foundation. Start with this one (Microsoft Windows Networking Essentials) and go from there.

Good luck.

Darril Gibson


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