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Did you hear about the upcoming SY0-601 Security+ exam? We’ve been getting several queries indicating some people are hearing about it. More, a lack of clear information is causing some anxiety.

However, most people don’t need to be concerned about the SY0-601 exam until May 2021.

Based on CompTIAs history with the Security+ exam, there are several things we can predict, even without any public releases from CompTIA.

Here’s a list of FAQs that you may find useful.

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Are SY0-601 Objectives Available?

No. At least they aren’t available as I write this post.

I check the CompTIA site weekly. When I see them, I will let readers know that they are available via my newsletter. You can sign up to the newsletter here.

When Will the SY0-601 Exam be Launched?

Only CompTIA knows for sure, but you can expect it to launch in October 2020 or later.

CompTIA lists the launch date for the SY0-501 exam as October 4, 2017. The
Security+ exam is on a three-year schedule (releasing a new exam every three years) so it’s feasible it’ll be launched in October 2020. However, COVID-19 has affected many things and the launch date may be later.

How Long Will the SY0-501 Exam Remain Available?

You can expect it to be available until July 2021.

As an example, the SY0-501 exam went live in October 2017. The SY0-401 exam was retired on July 31, 2018.

Retiring an exam in July allows high school students to take the exam after the end of the school year.

Should I Stop Studying for the SY0-501 Exam?


Many people have been studying for the SY0-501 exam. Just because the SY0-601 is coming doesn’t mean that they should abandon their efforts and restart with the SY0-601 exam.

CompTIA will give you six months or so to complete the SY0-501 exam after the SY0-601 exam is released. This is plenty of time to complete your studies instead of starting over.

Should I Wait for the SY0-601 Exam?


The SY0-501 is a known entity. There are plenty of materials that cover the exam. As an example, we hear from people almost every day telling us that they passed the exam using the CompTIA Security+ Get Certified Get Ahead: SY0-501 Study Guide and/or online study materials.

Additionally, most people take and pass the SY0-501 exam within about 45 days after they start studying. Some people do so in 30 days or less.

By pursuing the SY0-501 now, you’ll quickly have this cert in your rearview
mirror. Many people need the Security+ certification for their current job or to get accepted in a better job. By waiting, you may miss out on what’s next for you.

Take SY0-501 for success now instead of SY0-601 later.

The SY0-601 exam is somewhat of an unknown and it has several new topics. How will test item writers interpret these topics? Based on past exams, we can expect some surprises.

How Long will my Cert Be Valid?

Three years.

Some people wonder if they’ll need to take the SY0-601 after it goes live, even if they recently took and passed the SY0-501 exam. The short answer is no.

After passing a Security+ exam, your certification is valid for three years. It doesn’t matter what version you took.

Is There Any Benefit to Taking the SY0-601 Exam?

Not really.

If you pass a Security+ certification exam, you are Security+ certified. Hiring managers don’t care what version you took as long as your cert is still valid and hasn’t expired. They only want to know if you have the certification.

Some people value “bragging rights.” In other words, they want to be able to say that they passed the newest exam. For them, passing the SY0-601 exam gives them these bragging rights.

Will I Develop Study Materials for the SY0-601 Exam?


Once CompTIA releases the objectives, I’ll have a better idea of what I’ll be
releasing and when.

Again, I will let people know via my newsletter when I have a better of idea of when I’ll be releasing SY0-601 materials. You can sign up to the newsletter here.

Will I Write an SY0-601 version of the CompTIA Security+ Get Certified Get Ahead: SY0-501 Study Guide?


When will I release it?

That’s an unknown. However, once CompTIA releases the objectives to the
public, I’ll be coloring as fast as I can. Gratefully, I’ve already lined up some
talented people to help me with the editing and publishing process.

Until then, the SY0-501 Study Guide is still available.

CompTIA Security+ Get Certified Get Ahead: SY0-501 Study Guide

SY0-601 Summary

Yes, CompTIA will eventually release the SY0-601 exam. We actually knew that back in 2017. There’s always going to be a new version on the horizon.

However, for most people, it doesn’t matter. At least until May 2021.

If you start studying in May 2021 (or later), it’s best to study for the SY0-601 version because CompTIA is likely to retire the SY0-501 exam in July 2021.

Until then, taking and passing the SY0-501 exam will give you the Security+ certification. Once you have it, it will be valid for three years.

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